Visit Butterfly Wonderland in Scottsdale Arizona

Butterfly Wonderland

Visit Butterfly Wonderland in Scottsdale Arizona

Many people flock to the top Scottsdale vacation rental houses each year to enjoy warm sunny weather and luxury amenities. A recent addition to the Scottsdale area is Butterfly Wonderland, which is a unique rainforest experience in an indoor environment. Best of all, the wonderland is located close to Stay with Style Scottsdale, a top Scottsdale vacation rental agency.


Flower Landings




Butterfly Wonderland is the nation’s biggest pavilion for butterflies. Hundreds of beautiful species fly freely and land on the plants and flowers of the rainforest environment. In some cases, the butterflies will land on the fingers, hands, and shoulders of pavilion visitors. The experience is very enjoyable for all ages, providing many hours of entertainment.

Insect Migration

The wonderland also provides a breathtaking 3-D theater that presents an interesting and educational story about the life of butterflies, especially the monarch species. This butterfly has one of the longest migration paths on Earth with millions traveling between Mexico and Canada every year. Their black and yellow wings are among some of the world’s most photographed.

Butterfly Evolution

Butterfly Wonderland has a special feature called the emergence gallery. This is where visitors can see the spectacular metamorphosis of a caterpillar changing into a butterfly, which is one of the most amazing processes in nature. It must be seen to be believed, and the stunning beauty of each butterfly is sure to please the most discriminating tourist.

Those who want to visit Arizona and enjoy the best the Copper State has to offer should look no further than Stay with Style Scottsdale. The helpful and experienced staff can easily match visitors with comfortable and luxurious accommodations that are near all of the major attractions, including Butterfly Wonderland.

Call 480-818-6559 or visit the website to find a top Scottsdale vacation rental.

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